Plus Loan Forbearance

If you are unable to make payments on your Direct PLUS Loan after you leave school and your in-school deferment ends, you may request a forbearance that will allow you to temporarily postpone payments. You will have to explain why you are unable to make payments. To request a Direct Loan Forbearance, contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center.

Interest is charged on a Direct PLUS Loan beginning on the date of the first loan disbursement, and it continues to be charged during periods of deferment or forbearance. You may either pay the interest as it accrues or you may allow the interest to be capitalized (added to your loan principal balance) at the end of the deferment or forbearance. Capitalization increases the total loan amount that you must repay.
Parents that are not able to make payments on their Parent Plus Loan due to an unforeseen circumstance can also request a forbearance.  Parents will also need to speak with the Direct Loan Service Center to determine if they qualify for forbearance.  Most parent plus loan forbearances are only for a short term until they can start repaying the loan.

The parent plus loan will continue to accrue interest on the loan while in forbearance.  This will increase the amount of money owed on the loan over the long-term.

Itís important to contact the Direct Loan Service Center if you are unable to pay your student loan, so they can determine if there are additional options available to you.

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