Direct Loan Calculator

This easy to use Direct Loan Calculator helps you determine to total amount of money you will have to repay based on your total loan amount, the interest on the loan, and your repayment terms.  Some students repay for 10 years, while others request a Direct Loan consolidation and extend their repayment terms up to 30 years.

Enter Loan Information:
1) Amount of the loan (any currency):
2) Annual percentage rate of interest:
3) Repayment period in years:
Payment Information:
4) Your monthly payment will be:
5) Your total payment will be:
6) Your total interest payments will be:
Based on the above calculations, you can determine the total amount of money you will have to repay including interest.  It's important that you include the correct interest and repayment terms, since these two factors have a major impact on how much you will have to repay.

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