2013 - 2014 FAFSA Application

If you are interested in a Direct Loan for the 2013-2014 school year, you must complete and submit the FAFSA application.  The FAFSA is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and determines your eligibility to receive federal student aid.  The FAFSA takes into account your income / assets, cost of attendance, and student status to determine if you are eligible for federal student aid.  Students that are considered dependant students will input their family’s income / asset level. 

Whether you’re apply for a Direct Plus Loan, Direct Stafford Loan, or Direct Parent Loan, you must complete and submit the FAFSA application no earlier than Jan 1, 2013 and no later than your state’s submission deadline for the 2013 - 2014 school year.  Each state has its own FAFSA deadline, so it’s important that you know your specific state’s deadline.

2013 - 2014 FAFSA User Experience

Students are able to complete the FAFSA either online or through paper form for the 2013-2014 school year.  The FAFSA online now supports a wider variety of browsers so you shouldn’t see the old “unsupported browser” message in most cases. Additionally, you now have the option to live chat a representative for help filing the form. 

2013 - 2014 FAFSA Data Retrieval

The 2013-2014 FAFSA application comes with enhancements to the IRS Data Retrieval Process. Instructions and questions have been redesigned to encourage you to use the tool. The tool became available on February 3, 2013.

2013 - 2014 Highest Education Level Completed

Starting in the 2013-2014 school year, you are now required to complete the subsequent questions about the name, city, and state of your school if you answered “High School Diploma” to the high school completion status question,. This change is intended to better-ensure applicant eligibility.

2013  2014 FAFSA Enhanced communication

Certain sections within the FAFSA have been updated to better inform applicants on the next students that must completed.  Applicants will receive email confirmations on the steps completed and on additional information that must still be collected. 

2013 - 2014 FAFSA Income Verification Process

Applicants that are selected for income verification must complete and submit the verification worksheet.  They must also submit an official tax return transcript obtainable from the IRS after the 2012 tax return has been filed.  Each person whose social security number is listed on the FAFSA are now required to provide their tax return transcripts.
The changes made to the 2013-2014 FAFSA Application is meant to improve overall user experience through the only format and to make applicants for accountable for the financial information provided within the FAFSA.  The FAFSA is a great option for students that need additional financial assistance to pay for their education.

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